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Wellness & Preventive Care

pet wellness and preventive care

At Bayshore Animal Clinic, our goal is to keep your companions healthy and happy. Just as prevention is the best medicine for us, so it is for our pets. We believe in working with you to determine the individual needs of your pet. We recommend a program of essential care including complete physical exams, diagnostic tests, dental care, proper nutrition, parasite prevention and immunizations. As your pet ages, we recommend more frequent examinations for earlier detection of health problems that older pets may develop. We accept care credit and will provide necessary information for pet insurance carriers to help provide the best care for your pet.

Our goal is to have the healthiest pets in Hillsborough county. By educating our clients on nutrition and wellness care helps us put our best paw forward!

Annual Examinations

Examinations are critical to help veterinarians find diseases early before they become too advanced and more difficult to treat or control. We offer a comprehensive physical exam that helps to evaluate the overall health of your pet and to detect any problems that may have potential to become serious illnesses.


Vaccinating your dog or cat protects him or her against a wide variety of infectious diseases. At Bayshore Animal Clinic we do not believe that one vaccination program is correct for all pets. Therefore, our vaccine protocols are as individual as your pet itself. During your exam, our veterinarian will discuss with you a vaccination program that is based on the particular lifestyle of your pet.

Heartworm and Parasite Prevention

All dogs in the state of Florida should be on an effective heartworm preventive year round. Administration is easier than ever with once-a-month tasty chews. Cats should be treated for heartworm, internal and external parasites on a regular basis. Up to 85% of animals that go outdoors will become heartworm positive if they are not on prevention. The heartworm medication recommended at Bayshore Animal Clinic is also effective in preventing other parasites such as hookworms and round worms – so each month you are protecting your pet against multiple parasitic infections. For more information go to

Hillsborough County Rabies Licensing

We offer 1 year and 3 year rabies vaccines based on your pet’s age and overall health. Hillsborough county requires yearly renewal of rabies tags. This can be done yearly at your wellness exam.

Microchip Identification

At Bayshore Animal Clinic, we recommend all pets have a form of identification on at all times. A microchip is a permanent ID that will ensure your pet can always be identified if lost. The microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and is placed just under the skin of your pet (between the shoulder blades) and is a quick procedure. It provides priceless peace-of-mind for you.

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