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Senior Care

senior pet care

Like their human owners, cats and dogs are living longer, and exhibiting illnesses and conditions we associate with advanced age. Regular and preventive veterinary care is essential to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Typically, dogs and cats are classified as senior by the age of seven. Considering that animals age at a much faster rate than humans, they are more likely to develop serious health issues within a matter of months.

As your pet grows older we recommend that “wellness visits” become more frequent and that we see your pet at least twice a year (every 6 months) for senior blood work and senior care. Blood work for seniors may include urinalysis, kidney and liver functions, complete blood cell counts, and thyroid function. Blood work helps to identify systemic abnormalities that a physical examination may not detect. It helps us detect minor changes and problems before they turn into life threatening conditions. As with all pets, senior animals should have a nutritious diet and regular exercise. We will help choose a senior diet that is best for your pet.

Many older dogs and cats suffer from osteoarthritis. Safe and effective pain medications can make senior pets more comfortable and help them live longer, happier lives with your family.

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