Enjoy a (digital) tour of our clinic

Welcome to a behind the scene tour of our hospital!

Our welcoming and friendly lobby.

Our welcoming and friendly lobby.

We have 6 exam rooms to provide personal attention and comfort while you are here at Bayshore Animal Clinic.

Our exam rooms are comfortable, spacious and climate controlled.

Our feline patients can be seen comfortably away from the scent of dogs in our exclusively feline room.

Our consultation room is used for acupuncture, consultations, and privacy for euthanasia.

Our extensive pharmacy allows us to dispense medications while you wait. This saves you time and gets our furry patients back on track ASAP!

The treatment room is the hub of our hospital. This where all of the behind-the-scenes care begins.

When it is critical to get blood results immediately, our in-hospital laboratory equipment allows us to run several types of blood panels to evaluate the health of our patients.

Our dentistry suite has two human grade state-of-the art dental units to provide ultrasonic scaling, digital radiographs, and drilling for extractions when needed. We place a special emphasis on preventative home care for your pets to keep their teeth as healthy as possible. If a dental procedure is needed, we provide the best level of care possible.

While we want the best care for our contagious patients, we want to protect our healthy pets! Our isolation ward is on a separate ventilation and sewage system allowing us to isolate extremely sick patients at Bayshore Animal Clinic but still provide them with the same excellent care.

Our hospital includes a state-of-the-art surgical suite and advanced surgical equipment that enable us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures including elective surgery, orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and corrective ophthalmic surgery.

Our mission is to provide excellent communication and education for our clients. Our doctors will take time to speak to you by phone or in person about any questions or concerns you may have.

Our on-site x-ray equipment enables us to take radiographs of our patients while our clients wait. Ultrasound is a wonderful technique that allows a completely safe and noninvasive method of visualizing the interior of the body. We offer both abdominal and cardiac (heart) ultrasound services and partner with an internal medicine specialist when needed.